Home for courses about backpacking Isle Royale. 

This course addresses planning your trip, the rules of the National Park Service established for Isle Royale, and discussion the leave-no-trace principles as standards that should be followed anytime an individual is out of doors. 

This course addresses the limitations of communication and technology on Isle Royale and offers some suggestions for staying in touch with each other on the island and with those who are at home. Discussion focuses on how to arm yourself with technology to meet your own needs. 

Also we discuss the limits of getting medical help and the need to be able to address any immediate needs that may arise in the backcountry.

This course addresses the ramifications of overall pack weight for the individual hiker with an eye toward the trade-offs required to balance needs with physical comfort for hiking. 

Minimum suggested requirements given by the National Park Service specifically for Isle Royale is the central topic of the course. NPS recommendations for the amounts, means of filtration, and best practices in hydration are addressed. 

The subject of water filtration/purification in the backcountry will spark passionate convictions among outdoor enthusiasts, here we will address the Recommendations for use specifically on Isle Royale. The number one cause for rescue and emergencies on Isle Royale is Dehydration. The object here is to give you some knowledge of your needs, options to stay safe and healthy and above all not die while upon the island. We will also share what has worked for us and why we chose the method we use.

This course addresses methods for selecting food items to meet hiker's needs, which necessarily vary by individuals' weight, taste, budget, nutritional needs. The consequences of food selections are mapped against overall equipment needs and weight considerations.

This course addresses clothing needs to meet the diverse conditions on Isle Royale, including preparing for variations by season and terrain. We will address the different types of footwear and the importance of well fitting and well broken in footwear.

This course addresses sheltering options and related sleeping systems, from minimalist to conventional equipment choices.