The Wise Old Man of Isle Royale welcomes you


My team and I are here to guide you in preparing for your visit to Isle Royale National Park. 

Start your adventure with an overview in the Starting Your Adventure Course. Through this course, you will get an overview of what you need to to do in order to maximize your enjoyment of the Island. Within it, we provide links to park resources as well as helpful information from outside resources. 

A View from the Greenstone Trail

We also introduce the contents that we address in our focused courses so that you can choose which, if any, additional information and support you might want to explore in more depth. 

Our aim is to help you to create the adventure you hope to have because you are prepared to face the challenges of the Island. 

We also have our Commercial Use Authorization permit from Isle Royale National Park. We offer guide services for guided backpacking excursions on Isle Royale. To learn more about this service click here.

As they say, knowledge and training foster success!

Login to any one of the free courses, creating an account by scrolling down at the login screen and following the directions. Creating an account will allow you access into all of the courses and allow you to enroll in others as you desire.

When you are in the courses, be sure to always use the menu on the left to navigate through the course. You want to make sure to take advantage of all the information in the course. 

If you encounter any problems or just have any questions, you can email us at:

None of the information included here reflects the views of the National Park Service in any manner.

    Site announcements


    by Beth Virtanen -

    We are building courses at this time and releasing them for enrollment as they become available. If you encounter any problems at all, please reach out via this email

    Here are the available free courses: 

    • Starting Your Adventure
    • Safety & Communication
    • Backpacks, Gear & Weight
    • Hydration
    • Sustenance
    • Clothing & Footwear
    • Shelter & Sleep Systems

    If you want to provide feedback while you are taking the course, you can message Duane via the chat link, or you can email him at 

    If you want to know when the next course becomes available for enrollment, reach out to the Wise Old Man at his email, and he will let you know. 

    Also, be sure to check out both our Facebook Page and Group. 

    Thanks for your interest!

    (Edited by Duane Lesperance - original submission Friday, 1 January 2021, 3:45 PM)

    (Edited by Duane Lesperance - original submission Friday, 1 January 2021, 3:45 PM)